FMT Monorail Washer

FMT, Inc. Monorail SystemFMT Monorail Parts Cleaning Systems provide effective part cleaning and drying to meet your throughput production cleaning requirements.

Available Features:
Oil Coalescing System
Ultra-Filtration System
Chip Conveyor
Exhaust System
Mist Collection System
Stainless Steel Pumps and Filters
Automatic Chemical Metering
Pressure Transducer to indicate filter maintenance
NEMA Electrical Controls
PLC and Operator Interface
Ethernet and PLC Modem Capability

Systems are available in single or multi-stage configurations to suit virtually any type of cleaning application including washing, rinsing, phosphating, acid flushing, rust inhibiting, and drying. Monorail Systems can be a combination of spray and immersion processing. FMT can supply the monorail system or build a cleaning system around your present monorail. Monorail Systems can accommodate a wide variety of part sizes and geometries using standard or custom hanger designs. Manual or automatic load and unload systems are available. Rugged stainless steel tanks and enclosures provide superior durability, chemical resistance and quality appearance. Systems can be equipped with all popular heating systems including electric, gas or steam.

Standard features include:

The tank and upper housing are constructed of 10 gauge, 304 stainless steel. 2" mineral wool insulation is covered by 16 gauge, polished, 304 stainless steel skin. Stainless steel structural support for the monorail is included. Vertical centrifugal pumps with carbon steel wetted parts are sized for the most effective coverage within the spray stage. A mild steel bag filter follows each pump. Each filter has two (2) pressure gauges to indicate the need for a filter bag change. Dual stainless steel mesh screens in the tank protect the pump suction. Tanks are heated by stainless steel immersion heaters designed to maintain the specified temperature. Automatic liquid level controls fill the tanks and protect the pumps and heaters. Each tank top is equipped with a maintenance access removable lid. Each process stage upper housing has a lift out access door that allows easy maintenance entry. Windows are available for each lift out door. Spray headers are arranged to supply complete coverage of the parts being processed. The dry off stage has a stainless steel tubular heater following a regenerative blower. A filter, relief valves, and gauges are asssembled with the blower. Stainless steel air knives are positioned to direct air to all sides of the parts being processed. NEMA 12 main control panel with an Allen Bradley 5/03 PLC and 600 Operator Interface. All guarding and labeling meets OSHA standard requirements.