Suparator Series 86 Oil Removal System

Suparator Series 86 Oil Removal SystemThe series 86 units are compact separation systems based on the Suparator principle.

The all stainless units, with only two adjustments, make a very reliable and versatile system, which has been used already in many industries and applications.

Thanks to a wide range of powerful extensions, like flush headers and rake skimmers, the units can be used for applications where normally much larger oil separation devices would be used.

The sketch below shows a cross sectional view of the 86 tank.

1. The aqueous medium enters here. Special baffle plates ensure optimal flow patterns in the unit, promoting gravity separation and coalescing of finer oil dropletts.

2. All or most of the flow comes up here and flows into the special Suparator construction. The flow carries the oil traces to the surface and into the Suparator construction, where the oil is separated.

3. Some of the flow may follow this route, through the siphon. In some applications, a higher flow rate than normal may be chosen. In that case it will be necessary to bypass some of the flow to maintain optimal conditions at the Suparator construction.

4. By lowering the siphon collar, part will pass through the siphon. The bypass is easily adjusted using the collar on the siphon.

5. This is the outlet for the aqueous medium, after separation of the oil. Both the flows through the siphon and through the Suparator construction flow together here.

6. The actual separation of oil takes place here. This part is the special Suparator construction where the oil is separated from the aqueous medium in three steps: collect -- concentrate -- separate.

7. Separated oil leaves the unit over the oil weir and through the outlet at the side. The oil is separated from the aqueous medium, without any water, to flow into a small oil trough. The oil leaves the unit through an outlet at the side.

8. If desired, a coalescing filter can be fitted in the unit. Although rarely necessary, it is possible to fit a coalescing filter inside all Suparator separation systems. Coalescing media will improve the coalescing of fine oil dropletts, thus improving oil separation. In view of the need for regular cleaning of the coalescing pack, and because of the high efficiency of the Suparator system by itself, use of coalescing media is seldom advised. Series 86 unit in use.

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