Tumble Blast Cabinets


Tumble Belt Cabinets Zero Industrial Tumble Belt Cabinets.
Built for manufacturers who need efficient, reliable, high-production blasting. Zero offers super-duty tumble belt cabinets for high-production suction or pressure blasting on heavy parts and large batches up to 800 pounds.

  • Remove residual sand from metal castings
  • Beautify steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other metals with a uniform matte finish
  • Remove burrs, parting lines, flashings and other defects from castings and injection molded parts
  • Shot peen springs, journals, bearings, valve stems, tools and other products to enhance strength and reliability
  • Clean mold release and material from molds
Available in capacities of 2.5, 3.5 and 7 cubic feet, the standard tumble belt cabinet includes up to six Zero automatic blast guns that can be positioned to suit the part load. An optional pressure blast system lets you dramatically reduce cleaning times or increase peening intensity.

The seven cubic foot cabinet includes a standard oscillating gun mount to ensure maximum coverage. Zero's tumble cabinets work with most common recyclable blast media- from fine glass beads or Alox to course steel grit and shot. Inside the tumble cabinet, the parts ride on a thick rubber belt that is perforated to allow the blast media to fall through. The plate steel walls and doors of the tumble belt cabinet blast enclosure stand up to years of high-intensity shot peening.