Vibratory Tub

Giant Finishing GT Series vibratory deburring equipment and mass finishing machine systems have a variable speed and adjustable eccentric weights
which permits deburring action ranging from very aggressive to very gentle action for fragile parts finishing.

All Giant Finishing vibratory machines feature our off-set balanced suspension, variable speed, and low work height. For aggressive finishing of iron
casting or polishing molds, a Giant Finishing GT will work the part and get a great finish.


  • Off-set Balanced drive
  • Variable speed drive
  • 90 Durometer polyurethane lining
  • Flo-Spray piping and liquid drain
  • Ideal working height - Low Profile
  • Electrical control panel with process timer
  • Coil spring suspension
  • Plug type discharge door with quick action
    manual lock
  • 3 to 200 Cubic Feet capacity
  • Tub diameters 14" to 60"
  • Hot Pour Lining